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Tango... A brief philosophy

Is it a game? An embrace? A lullaby? A fight? A mathematical formula? A technique? A union? An agreement? A choice? A movement? A body, or two?

Maybe it's simply a story of sharing. It's what we call a social dance... A two-way exchange where we abandon ourselves to each other. The danced tango is a pretext for a search for intense and perfect connection between two people, sometimes strangers. It's like telling a story in the ear, but without any words. It's like daring to love, with kindness and mutual listening, with an ineffable complicity...

The tango dancer lives in the moment. He doesn't think of before, or after. He stands up straight and proud, he dares. He dares to confront the otherness of the moment, to the presence of another in his vital space here and now. There's no room for the past or the future when it comes to agreeing on the other's body in a restricted space... He opens his arms, he embraces (what is called Abrazo in Spanish, the hug) and it's two people who write a new improvised story. Ephemeral story, like his own existence. The music plays a primordial role; the connection cannot be made without listening to it, and more than listening, it's about hearing it deep within oneself, hearing it with the heart in order to tune in together on what makes us dance. In Argentine tango, "every movement enters through the ear, passes through the heart and extends down to the feet." (1) It's an invisible exchange, felt more than seen. Ineffable... Dancing tango is creating a bubble around oneself with the other. It's replaying the myth of the androgynous: the perfect fusion...

Tango contradicts our material needs; it regulates our life on another space-time: that of joy. The tango dancer doesn't consume (at least, not further than the bar), he dances. The joy of a meeting or an abrazo as well as the ardent desire to relive it rhythm his daily life. When I dance, I can only dance, I can only be there, present. I can no longer hide; I can only offer myself.

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1 : Quote from Dany 'el Flaco' Garcia: source

2 : Myth of the Androgynes

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