Our Learning Journey

About progression...

The classes we take are also for you...

As dancers and especially as teachers, we are convinced that someone who believes they know everything and has nothing left to learn is not a good dancer. Tango is an incredibly technical AND philosophical dance, and both approaches are fundamental to continually develop throughout a dancer's life. That's why we regularly take classes with internationally recognized maestros to improve ourselves and to be able to transmit our passion in the most authentic and closest way to the essence of tango possible. So here are some of these maestros we have turned to in order to find answers to our multiple questions and to continue our never-ending learning of tango!

For those of you who don't (yet) know these great names of Argentine tango, click on the photos and titles to be redirected to emblematic videos!

You can find more details about our teaching approach by visiting the workshops page.


Jonathan y Clarisa

The excellence in all fields

J&C taught us how to better connect with each other, to work on our presence towards the other...


Carlitos y Noelia

The love for the little steps !

N&C gave us some keys for guiding the crazy little steps that Lune does!


Ruben & Sabrina

The technical precision

R&S helped us progress in executing complex turns with their keen eye and sharp advice.


Horacio Godoy

The music enthusiast

More focused on the philosophy of tango, Horacio gave us tools to better experience our tango, or how to make it tell a story with every dance...


Diego Riemer (el Pajaro)

The powerhouse

Giros, giros, and more giros... we will never finish working on them with the greatest dancers.


Fausto Carpino

The same wavelength

What technical precision and what a lovely guy! With Fausto, we worked on the precision of every movement, especially in turns and pivots.