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Who are we?

Argentine Tango : What it is ?

First and foremost, as your teachers will repeatedly tell you, it is an hug. Yes, an embrace, also known as 'abrazo' in Spanish. Argentine Tango was born on the banks of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century and has continued to develop through exchanges between Argentina and Europe, before becoming a true global phenomenon. Sensuality, connection, rigor, interpretation, improvisation and sharing are the key elements of this dance, which is as demanding as it is thrilling. Tango is a partner dance, but also a social dance, and above all an improvisational dance, which means that the steps are not pre-planned, hence the importance of guidance. For more information, please refer to the FAQ section!

Tango Poitiers - Lune & Alain
Alain Tango

 Alain Tango Aficionado : Who is he ?

Alain, social dancer for over 15 years, is first and foremost a true Tango enthusiast. He lives and breathes Tango, and not a day goes by without him dancing passionately. Rigorous and tenacious, he has developed a unique and personal style over the years, based on great musicality and a warm embrace. Working as a self-taught dancer at home, on his living room floor, he has long trained and continues to learn from world-renowned professionals, with whom he regularly takes private lessons. He generally doesn't go unnoticed by his dance partners, who are impressed by the attention he pays to their comfort while offering them a unique way of interpreting the music. For the past 8 years, he has been passing on his knowledge to his students through group and private classes with great rigor and efficiency. His goal is to share his passion with his students by providing them with all the technical keys to feel that magical connection that is unique to Tango.

Equally passionate and self-taught in photography, Alain now travels to European tango marathons to enable dancers to keep precious memories of their best tandas.

Lune Lou : who is she ?


Lune has been a dancer for six years. Initially just a passion, she was quickly noticed by Alain at a ball in December 2017, after only a year of diving into the world of tango. He then proposed to her to become his partner. Following this, there were many months of intensive training to acquire a level that would allow her to assist Alain in his classes. (Shortly thereafter, as the chemistry worked its magic, they fell in love and became the couple you discover today...) Today, her embrace and sensitive musicality leave no dancer indifferent.

Through teaching and traveling the world to various events, Lune has not missed the benefits that tango can have on the body and mind. During classes and workshops, or even in milonga, she witnesses the transformative powers that tango can have on dancers. This is why she began training with AFRATAPEM in May 2020 to become an Art Therapist, specializing in tango therapy, and graduated in February 2022...
In addition to this, her passion for music naturally led her to the desire to provide music for tango events. With all of these roles, she is now a dancer, teacher, art therapist, and Tango DJ."

Lune Lou
Alain et Lune Tango | Tango à Poitiers

Through countless hours of practice at milongas throughout France and Europe, Alain and Lune have developed a great complicity in a joyful tango, that emphasizes musicality and mutual attentiveness, all while improvising. The duo, accomplice and motivated, transmits their consuming passion for this superb dance with happiness and humor. Regularly called upon to perform demonstrations and teach in France or abroad, Alain is also in demand for his photography and Lune for her music, for example in Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Belgium. In April 2019, Alain and Lune participated in the Tango European Championship in the Pista category and made it to the final among 15 other dance couples.